Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Prestige of Parliament

Finally notice was given in Parliament against members of Team Anna and actor OM Puri for their words and action, which according to many politicians are derogatory and against the prestige of Parliament.

This looks funny to me. It is like Devil quoting the Bible. The way the politicians behave inside and outside parliament is known to us all. The way they came in to the well of the house to create disturbance and stop functioning of the Parliament and force the Speaker to adjourn the house again is a NATIONAL SHAME. The words several politicians in general and members of Parliament in particular used both inside and outside Parliament is worst more than what OM Puri and Anna’s Team used in their intend and content of words and act. You need to attend any political meeting, particularly during election campaign to hear all the un-parliament and abusive words used against each other—even dragging the women members of their rivalries. Now who will bring privilege notice against to such shameful politicians?

Suppose if we common people, by using modern technology began to send abusive words against Parliamentarians and Politicians, can they send privilege notice against us. And what if someone starts it as a Campaign to expose the hypocrisy of the politicians and Parliamentarians by in thousands and lakhs of individuals, can they bring all of us to Parliament for breach of privilege? They forgot one thing, gone are the days in which politicians and Parliamentarians deserved their honor and respect from us. Thankfully there is little exception to this even today, but majority of them are worst than what Om Puri and Kiran Bedi described. Respect and honor should be earned naturally by their behavior, uprightness, moral character, honesty, integrity, service, commitment etc. etc. But, in a Parliament where more than half members have criminal records and court cases against them, they further bring down their standard by giving notice to those who expressed public resentment and anger against politicians and Parliamentarians as representative of general public. Already most of them have lost their respect honor in our sight and by such act they further degrading themselves than preserving and fighting for the privilege of the Parliament.

Though OM Puri publicly acknowledge that some of his words were not correct, yet I appreciate Dr. Bedi for her firm stand and refuse to budge to the pressure of such notice. Let her call her and even if dare, give her the punishment, which she is willing to accept. But they alone will finally face the consequence of it. By sending such notice the members of Parliament again only play dirty politics than try to uphold the honor and prestige of the Parliament. There is no end both for the Congress and the Govt., to remain foolish, as usual on several such issues. As one Panelist (Sri Harish Salve?, Face the Nation, with Sagariha Gosh on CNN-IBN) pointed out such speech and act by the members of Anna Team outside the Parliament won’t be considered as the breach of privilege. Let us see how long both the Congress and the Govt. will continue to entertain the public with such Tamashas!

Dayanand Bharati. Gurukulam, September 5, 2011

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