Friday, September 9, 2011

Just One More

Just one more bomb blast, one more USUAL statement from the Govt., all the Political parties condemning it, again with the same old words INSIDE parliament but out side, again as usual opposition attacking the govt. and the ruling party and the latter two explaining the situation in usual terms; the spoke persons of each party talking on the same expected party lines; again the same resilient Delhites; finally the same old discussion in TV channels with the same kind of panelists and same old questions.

One panelist well said that when he was working, heard about the blast but after watching the TV for a while, he continued his work knowing that it is JUST ONE MORE BOMB BLAST. He even said that people are going and have to go ahead with the regular work and those who watch TV have to change their channels. The final remark really struck the cord. Because when I heard about the bomb blast, I didn’t rush to hear the news but was doing my work as usual. And when the news time came, after listened, the head lines, I changed the channel to hear the classic music program and doing other work. Because, I (we) know how all the channels are going to spend the whole day covering the incident with the same old coverage. And next two or three days or until another interesting things develop for their news, they have to center their program on the bomb blast. Whether or not the affected people are resilient, we the people watching such News become resilient.

I feel sorry for those who are affected by this incident and my sympathy is for them all. But when I watch TV news, I always thank God for the person who invented the REMOVTE control so that I can change the channels NOT TO WATCH “JUST ONE MORE” of THE SAME INCIDENT.

Finally this won’t be the lost such incident but there will be many more to come—God save us from them—but there won’t be just ONE MORE RESENTMENT OF THE public though we feel helpless and become victim not only to such terrorism but also by such poor administration of the govt.,--whichever party might be in power.

WE LEARNED TO LIVE WITH IT AND WE HAVE TO LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT, as long as we are going to have the same old politicians, political system and government. For this some politicians cynically ask ‘what else system you have or prefer’? We don’t know is our answer, but we have every right to question them. SO LEARN TO LIVE TO HEAR MANY MORE “JUST ONE MORE”...

Dayanand Bharati, Gurukulam. September. 7. 2011.

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