Monday, August 15, 2011

Some thing good can come out of Cricket

I am not very interested in sports especially cricket. Even if it were the only game left on earth, I would not watch it. However, the recent controversy over the racial abuse committed by one of the Indian players (Harbajan Singh) and the way he was released from the charge received considerable news coverage in the Australian media.
While watching NDTV news this morning, I heard that the Australian players and media accused the ICC of bowing to the pressure of the Indian Cricket board because it commands large financial strength. My point is not to discuss the racial controversy or media manipulation of the Indian team. The point of importance is that at least the people in Australia can now understand the frustration of the weak and voiceless who are suppressed by other people who use their money, power and authority. If the Australian players and media feel that an injustice was done to them, then this incident should help them to understand the injustice that has been done against people who are powerless. Unless we feel the pain and suffering of other people in the same way, most of the time we will never understand their situation. No matter how one tries to understand the injustice done to powerless people, they will never be able to empathize with them unless they too go through the same kind of experience. If this Cricket controversy could teach one such lesson in a small way, then something good could come out of this hopeless game.

Dayanand, January 30, 2008.

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