Sunday, August 28, 2011

Apolitically political

In various panel discussion in TV channels, there was an opinion, (not accepted by all, but by few) that this movement by Anna is stage managed behind the screen by RSS and BJP. According to one panelist in CNN-IBN (on 27th night, I forgot her name), ‘considering the anti-politicians resentment, BJP was clever enough not to come in front but operated everything from the behind scene.’

There might be some truth in it. And Dr. Bedi’s words that Sri Advani called her on 27th evening and assured to persuade the PM to do something only added strength to this. But my question is that many people in Media and Civil Society think that their credential as secularist could be proved only when they say something against Sangparivar in general and Narendra Modi in particular. For them, once accused as ‘communal’ forces by Media and others, no wing of Sang Parivar should involve or support such Movement which fights for common people, as if ‘COMMON PEOPLE’ (aam admi), became an exclusive property to the Congress and non-BJP. But they forget the fact that BJP too is as secular as other political parties and Congress and other parties are as communal as BJP.

This does not mean that I am supporting Sang Parivar and all its agendas and oppose Congress and other political parties. But we common people know the true color of the politicians who want to use any and every opportunity to promote their political and personal ideology and agenda. For example, during the election campaign in Tamilnadu AIADMK again and again told and used its media to project that A. Raja actually pocketed One Lakh and Seventy lakh crorer rupees from the 2G scam. And to communicate this message to the uneducated and rural people they showed several visual by using Computer graphic. They even propagated how much truck is needed to carry to Raja’s house to hide secretly that money or how much area is required to store it. But we know this is not the truth. However after the election, now days in their news in Jaya T.V. (a channel of AIADMK) they say it was the amount the Govt. lost due to 2G scam. They know this is true, but to win the election, they used the 2G scam for their purpose.

So politicians know how and when to use or misuse any thing for their personal and political agenda. That is why they have to hit back, even at Parliament debate (27th), Dr. Kiran Bedi for the way she exposed the double face of politicians on the stage at Ramleela ground on 26th August. However, as a digression I have to say that I am totally convinced the way Dr. Bedi defended her act on 28th and 29th in NDTV. She was correct in her defense that they had to remain rigid as they cannot dilute the demands of Anna, who remain stead fast on those three basic points on which he forced the Parliament to debate, whereas both the Govt. and the Congress party had several layers of views, opinion, loyalty and control (within the party and in Govt.) to contradict all their action and statements.

However even Anna Team, which repeatedly said that they are apolitical, finally have to end their show by playing similar politics. In order to accuse Anna’s Team, some politicians targeted them that they are anti-dalits and anti-minority. As they demanded a strong Lokpal bill, often the word ‘Constitution’ was used in all discussion. Finally some clever politicians spread the news that Anna Team even want to remove the Constitution that too give by Balasahab Ambedkar. I deliberately highlighted the word ‘Babasahab’, because at the end, on 28th morning before Anna ended his fast, both Arvind Kejrival and Anna himself have to repeatedly not only use this word (Babasahab) but also to say that they are not against the Constitution particularly given by BABASAHAB Ambedkar and even are there to protect it. And finally they cleverly arranged two girls, one from dalit and another from Muslim community to give the coconut water to Anna to end his fast.

Of course they would have never thought about it previously and some politicians who support their campaign from behind the screen could have suggested them to do it. And to give a benefit of doubt, they might not have intended to do such politics in their movement at the end, but forced to do it by their opponents.

So in India, at present nothing remains APOLITICAL. Spiritual, ritual, religion, social, economic, entertainment, you name anything under the sun, nothing can remain apolitical as the influence of politicians in all these spheres force every movement become political one. Even if one wants to start in spirit finally have end in flesh.

Dayanand Bharati, Gurukulam, August 29, 2011

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