Monday, August 15, 2011

Conviction vs. convenience.
Pluralism is a reality of life. We are pluralistic because our view of things changes over time. Indeed pluralism can help one keep a healthy balance in life by not going to extremes. However, pluralism without personal convictions will toss a person from one extreme to another. People like this live only for their own convenience, changing their principles to accommodate everyone’s opinion. But those who live with deep convictions, struggle with the pluralism in their lives, and their convictions demand exclusivism. Those who reject or refuse to face pluralism will cut themselves off from others, becoming reclusive or judgmental—with a spirit of ‘nobody listens’. But those with clear convictions, braving all kinds of pluralism and opinion, will stand like a pillar by which others can measure their own convictions. Some one well said, ‘great people cherish convictions and small people entertain opinions’. Opinion may cost suffocation, but conviction will cost the very life. That’s why the world has produced very few GREAT people in its long history, who stood like a pillar with deep convictions.

February 14, 2007

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