Friday, August 26, 2011

Brian Storms

Since the blog was started, due to various reasons, I couldn’t post my thoughts continuously. The first reason was my limited knowledge about using the website. As I am not a technical person, others helped me to go to the website and post my thoughts so far. But now I learnt to do it on my own. I never thought that it would be this much easy.

The second but most important and serious reason is my language. I have done all my school studies in Tamil medium. Though I have done my college studies in English, yet it was exam oriented one. So I never developed any skill in writing in English. Particularly I am very weak in grammar in any language, including in my mother tongue Tamil. So I never dare to post my thoughts without the grammar was corrected.

The third fact is editing. My strong opinion is that any body can write. But they need a skilful editor to make it readable. So in the past few helped me to edit my writings and I managed to get it posted (with the help of others). But those who helped me so far cannot continue due to various other commitments. Knowing my limitation I dare not post any of my unedited and uncorrected thoughts so far. So finally I gave up the idea of continuing this blog.

But few people wrote me personally requesting to post my thoughts. And two options are left before me. 1. Wait (eternally) for some miracle to happen so that finally I will get an editor who can do that job or 2. take the risk and post my thoughts uncorrected and unedited. Finally another person came forward to edit my articles and let me see how far she can help as she too has several other commitments. So I will see how far we both can go ahead in posting my articles in the blog.

But there are few current issues like Sri Anna Hazare’s fast for Jan Lokpal Bill. If I send my thoughts first to my editor and then post the edited one, then it will be too late to share my views immediately. Further developments may force me to change my view if I wait for my article to be edited. But I want to share my thoughts and feeling immediately—subjected to correction of my view in future depending upon further developments.

Regarding other articles which I wrote in the past, I will get them edited and will post.
And if she too cannot help me much, because of genuine reasons on her part, I have decided to post my thoughts with this word: Unedited One. And if some one is kind enough to read and correct the mistakes directly from the blog and re-post it in the blog (in the comment section) then I can remove the ‘Unedited One’ and post the edit one.

The main reason for me to post my thoughts is that I like this ‘space’ now available to all to share their views. This ‘unknown’ space, according to my opinion gives more (inner) freedom to me to share openly than to share with a known audience. Because when we write or share to a known audience, there is a subtle inner pressure as we know the reaction of certain people to our thoughts. Then even without our knowledge and willingness our attention is drawn to meet that challenge than present our thoughts without any inner pressure, restriction and limitation. Above all the scope to address to the unknown audience and learning from their response (in both immediate and distance future) encourages me to share than keep my articles buried in my computer for a future editor to rework all through the unpublished manuscripts. Better to share ‘Unedited Ones’ than hide my thoughts which may not see the light in any time in future. In the past, as all the writers have to depend upon printed medium alone, several people couldn’t share or publish their works. But thank God to the blessing of Website which opened the scope for any one and every one to share their view—even if there is no one to read it.

Finally, I feel comfortable to address without any assurance that some body will read it. Because when we do a work without any expectation (and also without demanding anything in return) then we do it simple for the joy of doing it alone. I mainly write, not for others to read but to remove the inner compulsion of my thoughts. To say in other way, when I read or think, I have to write down my reflection. Other wise my mind won’t rest. It is like writing personal diary, which we neither want to share nor expect others to read (at least without our permission). And I find this Website like another kind of diary, where I can just write to release my mind and never expecting any one to read. But if some one read, that is good.

Dayanand Bharati, Gurukulam, August 25, 2011.

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