Saturday, July 23, 2011

Busyness is the curse of this age.

In the past, before the IT companies came, we heard that ‘instant satisfaction is the curse of this age’. More than that, now ‘becoming too busy’ is going to be the curse of this IT age. Today even a lazy person has no time. With television and the Internet most people are very busy being lazy. First television deprived us personal relationship and now the Internet deprives us of personal communication. A day may come when family members will communicate with each other through email by sitting in their own rooms, that too in their own cabins inside of their room. When television came many lamented that sitting together and eating is its first victim. Now with the introduction of 3 G spectrum service, as each person can watch television in their mobile and personal computer, sitting and watching together will soon become another victim of technology. One way it is good. Now programs and advertisements make many uneasy to sit and watch as a whole family. Watching television with children is particularly difficult as they begin to ask the purpose of some products in front of everyone and elders feel embarrassed to answer those questions.

All become busy, not only is personal relationship and (personal) communication becoming a problem, but even carrying out our commitments. As I have observed, this new generation wants to do many things at the same time and cannot complete one thing in right time, if not perfectly then at least to their own satisfaction. I am not talking about any projects in their office and work place, but several personal things related to their life. Skilled and manual laborers are more blessed than those who work in high profile jobs in offices. These people even bring their work home with them and become very busy. They choose to live with such busyness so no one can help or save them. However, their busyness often creates problems for others and deprives their personal freedom and choice. For example, one cannot go to any music/dance performance, or religious/spiritual gatherings without any guarantee that they will not be disturbed by others. Even amidst puja and (religious) rituals, phone calls received by a few always disturb everyone. Even after repeated requests, some feel it is less to their dignity and business to keep their mobiles switched off. By disturbing others they do not demonstrate how busy they are or how important they are, but what a nuisance they have become to every one. So the net outcome of busyness is not any valuable contribution. The outcome is becoming a nuisance to many.

Dayanand Bharati, Gurukulam. June 21, 2010

Swamiji,The truth is really difficult to face. The stuff you have mentioned on the maladies of the IT revolution is more hard-hitting than even any industry expert can say :) :) On your antidote of "staying focused", it means a lot and is profound. And if that focus is on things that are spiritual, that seems to be the only light at the end of the tunnel for all workaholics like me. Regards,M.S.Srikanth

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