Sunday, June 29, 2008



Using people for one's own idealism or religious agenda is a crime against
humanity. Some will never live out their ideals in their personal life, but
expect others to live up to it. I wish those who took effort to bring back
those Hindus back to their community would address their tangible needs,
which forced them to change their religious allegiance. Conversion and
re-conversion (the recent incidents of 150 Convert Christians return to
Hinduism in Himachal Pradesh) are a very easy thing (to fulfill some
religio-political agenda) but involving with the people in their day to day
struggle with active participation is the real testing ground to show how
far one is serious in implementing that idealism/agenda which he sets for
others. It is well said that: No one ever lived above his creed.


March 11, 1.00 am.


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Cricket Lover said...

Being a Hindu, I am strongly against Conversion that is happening in rural part and villages of India.. Recently, i came across a video regarding how conversion is done (I have lost the link though - My apologies for that) and was stuck by how weak our mindset are that people gets converted into other religion just for the sake of Money... Is money a priority over our ideals and teachings that are being taught from centuries - almost from the beginning of this world...

Anyways, Nice to see a blog on Hinduism and that too by a a learned and illumined mind. I am too posting Hinduism verses on my personal blog at -

Its time to rise and fight against odds.. Spread the Word